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Sensual Touches of Tantra Massage

Amazing sensual experience for men, woman, and couples.

Tantra Massage Session becomes more popular at the last 15-20 years in all Europe. One of the first institutes in the World was founded in Germany

The massage includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yoga, deep tissue massage, and bioenergetics.

According to the Tantric Massage Association, it was developed in the 1980s by Andro Andreas Rothe, founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge, the first Tantra institute in Germany (1977).[5]

Couples are getting special tantric experience with our masseuses in Madrid

We received lot of good comments about every masseuse and we will recommend you the best masseuse who is educated about humans body and erogenous spots. You will be surprised! YOu can visit us at the massage center in Madrid and we are available to visit you at your comfortable hotel room. Just call us to make a reservation time or you can book online by using online booking form 

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Tantra Massage - Relax Your Mind

Tantra Massage - Relax Your Mind

This is amazing sensual experience with talented and friendly masseuses. You can visit lot of restaurants in Madrid, walking avenues, and beautiful parks. And you can visit us at the Sensual Massage Center with all special installations for the Tantra Massage Sessions. Aromatic candles, tantric music, exotic oil, and soft lights inside the massage center to prepare the hot ambient. In this tantric massage you will feel you mind and body totally relaxed after your businesses. Relax your mind and we always ask to turn off sound on your mobile phone during the massage session.

Enjoy your time and call us now to make a reservation time. Our masseuses are friendly and talented - you will be excited! And we can also visit you at your comfortable hotel room in Madrid. A masseuse will bring all necessary things to visit you. 

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Tantra Massage for Couple | Couples Massage Madrid

What does it mean Tantra Massage for Couples?

This is a great practice to discover new incredible sensations during the massage session for Couples. You will be excited from the first minutes to the last. We offer exclusive tantra massage services and our masseuses are ones of the best in the city.

At the beginning of Tantra Massage Session for Couples a masseuse will arrive directly into your hotel room and after she will prepare the hot ambient for the session

Sensual masseuse will turn on tantric music, soft lights with aromatic candles, and exotic oil for a massage session

A masseuse will guide you. Just relax your mind and the body. Stop thinking and just try to feel your body and amazing sensation in different parts of the body. After our massages for Couples we always receive good comments! You will be surprised! Call us now to make your reservation in Madrid. 

You can viist us at the Sensual Massage Center and we can visit you at your comfortable hotel room.

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