Massage for womanMassage for woman
Tantra massage for woman in Madrid

Tantra Massage for Woman

We are often asked if these massages are focused only on men, the answer is NO. This type of massage used to discover new sensations, and that fall within both men and women of course. Women have the incentive to find sensual massage both male and female because your body is more sensitive, and sensitive. With our massage you may experience feelings hidden, which had never before been experienced, or simply did not know and kept his body, and so mind open to a world unknown to her before. Massage ends with massage Yoni (female genital area massage). You can choose any massage from our menu, as these are focused massage for both women and men and decide that your massage is conducted both by a female masseuse and male masseur.

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90 min 270€

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Sensual tantra massage by Men for Woman

Tantric massage for woman

With our tantric massage by Men for Woman in Madrid you may experience feelings hidden, which had never before been experienced, or simply did not know and kept his body, 

Tantra Massage for woman

What is an sensual massage?

TANTRA Massage for a Woman in MADRID

There are many different types of massages and according to their purpose, they are given one name or another. Tantra massage or sensual massage is named because it's purpose is nothing more than to arouse human desires.

 It is essential to recognize that massage as the act of sensory location is a vital aspect of human communication and that gives meaning to sensual body response of both men and women. It is a communicative way, to reach the fullness of expression. Tenderness, desire, warmth, strength, affection... almost all feelings can be transmitted through touch. Communication by means of touch is the most important source of genital stimulation.

Massage for woman
Massage for woman

How to give Sensual massage correct?

Ancient knowledge from India and Thailand about the human body and specifically about the erogenous zones and massage techniques is required. We are using secret tantric techniques that will lead you to the high level of pleasure.

Our beautiful tantric masseuses are the best in Madrid.

From the first and to the last minute You will fell the strongest excitation during all the time of tantra massage session With touch through body to body massage most people express and receive vital energy, so deep awareness of this sense is very important.

Massage for woman