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Best erotic massage session designed by professional sexologist in Madrid.

We offer you an exclusive service of erotic massage in Madrid what including a wide variety of techniques and knowledge of Tantric Massage in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.

All our massages are sensual and erotic. The difference between sensual and erotic is techniques used and the level of erotic intensity.

Duration of the Outcall TANTRA massage is 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes.

None of our massages includes any kind of sexual intercourse. We appreciate your understanding.

Massage SutraMassage Sutra

Tantra Massage Sutra

60 min 180€
90 min 270€

Enjoy this unforgettable massage when all masseuses bodies “hands, breast, feet, bottom” covered with exotic oil will provide you a visual stimulation and a pleasure through firm movements and gentle touches. The massage will finish with Lingam massage for man and Yoni massage for a woman. Also, you may exchange pettings and touches with masseuses and touch gently her sensual body at the last part of the massage while having Tantric postures in order to have intimate contacts. Masseuses will be wearing a tiny thong. Prostatic massage which gives you a high level of pleasure moments is available as an option.

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Tantra Massage Sutra

Tantra Massage Sutra Intense

60 min 250€
90 min 330€

This body to body massage with extreme eroticism will lead you to the world full of pleasure. The naked body of the masseuse will be covered by exotic oil and will be in contact with all over your body from the feet up to the head You will feel stimulation with every single part of your skin through pressing and petting. Use of Tantric technics for every single erogenous zones of your body will lead you to the sheer pleasure. The massage will finish with Lingam for men and Yoni for women and it will include Prostatic massage which gives you a high level of pleasure moments is available as an option.

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Massage Sutra Intense

Tantra Massage Double Sensation

60 min 300€
90 min 400€

This one of the most erotic, sensual, delicious types of our tantric massage.

During the Tantra session, you will have an extreme degree of excitation, all the time from the first to the last minute.

You can be totally relaxed! Our masseuses are most beautiful and professional. They know what to do. They know all secrets of humans body!

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Massage double sensation

Tantra Massage for couples

Sutra 60 min 380€
Sutra Intence 60 min 480€

Our couples massages are focused on discovering the maximum degree of sensuality and excitement. Discovering new sensations together and eroticism, accompanied by our finding the best kept pleasures more masseurs, help in this way. They can choose the massage with a / a massage or two , a massage is to learn to better understand the partner's body and experience between the three of sensuality and eroticism that our massage offers instead in massage with two masseuses , discovered in a common adventure , erotic massage given by two therapists , which interact with them and take them to a high level of arousal, can they see your partner enjoy pleasure while you will also be delighted with sensual and erotic massage , where the adventure will serve to activate the spark of eroticism that holds our body, and our massage therapists open slowly with their tantric techniques . Gradually outbreaks sensations of your body , until the culminating massage with a massage ( lingam Mens) and ( yoni womens ) are discovered, to take you to the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. They can choose any massage from our menu , and choose both female masseuses , as a combination of female and male masseur.

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Massage for couples
Massage for womanMassage for woman

Tantra Massage for Woman

60 min 180€
90 min 280€

We are often asked if these massages are focused only men, the answer is NO. This type of massage used to discover new sensations, and that fall within both men and women of course. Women have the incentive to find sensual massage both male and female, because your body is more sensitive, and sensitive. With our massage you may experience feelings hidden, which had never before been experienced, or simply did not know and kept his body, and so sexually open to a world unknown to her before. Massage ends with massage yoni (female genital massage area). You can choose any massage from our menu, as these are focused massage for both women and men and decide that your massage is conducted both by a female masseuse and male masseur.

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Massage for woman
Massage for men by men. Gay massage MadridMassage for men by men. Gay massage Madrid

Tantra Massage for Men by Men

60 min 180€
90 min 280€

Erotic massage for men by men in Madrid offers you best sensual experience in your life! We can visit you in your hotel room or you can visit our massage room. You can choose tantric masseur online, gay massage in Madrid, sensual and delicious massage Men for Men, with secret tantra techniques which lead us to the world of new sensations!

Erotic massage for Men by Men - like a sensual dance between two persons.

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Tantra Massage for Men by Men

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