Frequently Asked Questions about Tantra Massages

Tantra Massage

How to reserve?

It is very easy, there are several ways to do this: call, send an SMS, WhatsApp message or an email, Contact Form, or Book Online in the right up to the side of our web – whichever is easiest for you.

Are the photos real?

Of course! We organize professional photo sessions several times a year to keep the file updated our masseuses. It is as important to us as it might be for you choosing a massage performed by the massage that you like.  It would be unprofessional for us to recommend someone different from the pictures.

Why hire our service?

Our massage service allows you to schedule our visit to any Hotel in Madrid. You can easily Book Massage to your Hotel Room and control its agenda. You do not have to waste your valuable time and money for a taxi to visit massage centers. Someone feel suitable and spend money on something that may leave unsatisfied. With us, unnecessary alcoholic drinks, payment for a taxi is included in the price. A masseuse can arrive 30-40 minutes after you call us!

This is what we call a quality service to our customers

Massage is Only Massage Service

Any of our massage services NO means other kinds of service. We offer only massage services. Thanks for your understanding.

The massage is an elaborate and professional service. We will provide you with a massage not only for relaxation for the full-body but also for your mind and soul. And you can be fully assured that with us you will be 100% safe and pleased. You will be surprised because our masseuses are talented and friendly!

Tips are included in the price?

We NEVER ask for a tip. We do not believe that this is a professional attitude to any job. But, of course, you are free to tip if you liked our service or you appreciate the work of the masseuse who attends you.

In case you prefer visiting the massage center

In case you prefer visiting a massage center, we are happy to recommend you the best Sensual Massage Center of the city and located in Alcala street Madrid

Do you serve couples as well?

Yes! Gladly cater for couples of any type and condition. The massage is a treat that can be shared. You can choose to be treated by a massage for two in two consecutive sessions or two women at the same time, the price is the same for both.

Please turn off your mobile phone!

To enjoy a relaxing session and more intense it is essential to turn off your phone. This way you avoid any unwanted interruptions. Interruptions affect massage. Pamper yourself and disconnect from the world for a moment.

Which payment method do you accept?

Only cash payments are accepted. This way you never have to use your credit card or identification. You can pay before or after the service.

How discreet are you?

Masseuses are wearing good casual clothes and they looks like a normal beautiful person. Our service is completely unobtrusive. Never we interested in the identity of our clients. We simply focus on our work, which takes place in the privacy of a hotel room or a professional massage studio. Massage is our work and our sole purpose is to perform a massage for your satisfaction.