Tantra Massage Madrid

TANTRA MASSAGE HOTEL offers the best outcall massage at the hotels in Madrid with personalized and exclusive service that gives you a high degree of arousal, the feeling of pleasure, euphoria, and happiness.

Friendly service and tantra massage which including a wide variety of techniques and tantric knowledge in order to satisfy our customer’s needs. All massages are designed by love and passion. The difference between massage sessions is the techniques used and the level of massage intensity.


Tantra massage in Madrid, Spain

Tantra Massage Madrid

From 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Tantra Massage Session for Men, Women, and Couples
Fast and comfortable services. All is planned for your comfort
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Sensual massage session
designed by love and passion

Massage Sutra

Massage Sutra – enjoy this unforgettable massage when all masseuses bodies “hands, breast, feet, bottom” covered with exotic oil will provide you with visual stimulation and pleasure through firm movements and gentle touches with ancient tantric techniques. The massage will finish with Lingam Massage (stimulation of the genital part) for man and Yoni massage (stimulation of the genital part) for a woman.  A masseuse will be wearing a tiny thong. Prostatic massage which gives you a high level of pleasurable moments is available as an option.

60min – 180
90min – 270

Sutra Intense

Massage Sutra Intense – one of the most popular massages.  Because this massage session included intensive body to body massage with extreme sensations will lead you to the world full of pleasure. Secret tantric techniques to stimulate all body – new sensations and the deepest satisfaction with massage session Sutra Intense. The naked body of the masseuse will be covered by exotic oil and will be in contact with all over your body from the feet up to the head. You will feel stimulation with every single part of your skin through pressing and petting. Use of Tantric technics for every single erogenous zones of your body will lead you to the sheer of pleasure. The massage will be finished with Lingam and will include Prostatic massage which gives you a high level of pleasurable moments and it is available as an option.

60min – 250
90min – 330

Double Sensation

Double Sensation – is one of the most sensual, delicious types of our tantric massages. During the Tantra session Double Sensation, you will have an extreme degree of excitation, all the time from the first to the last minute. You can be totally relaxed! Our masseuses are the most beautiful and professional. They know what to do. They know all the secrets of the human’s body. Double Sensation Massage – Double Pleasure for you! Great massage techniques and incredible sensations at your hotel room in Madrid.

60min – 300
90min – 400

Massage Four Hands

Four Hands – amazing sensual experience tantra massage with two masseuses at the same time, discovered in a common adventure, a sensual massage given by two therapists. Masseuses will take you to a high level of arousal while you will also be delighted with sensual and tantra massage. A beautiful and talented masseuse will prepare all necessary thing for Tantra Massage Session – Four Hands: soft lights, hot ambient, aromatic candles, tantric music. This experience full of sensuality and incredible sensations. Enjoy your time and call us to make a reservation!

60min – 400
90min – 500

Massage for Women

Tantra Massage for Women – massage for a woman with exotic oil. Very private massage session by Man. This is a new way to express yourself, sensual tantric massage with a male masseur or female masseuse! You can be totally relaxed with professional hands of our masseurs and masseuses! All your body will be touched by special techniques, pleasurable sensations are discovered… Sensual massage for a woman at the hotels in Marbella, Spain. Our masseurs are best educated about human body, erogenous spots and massage YONI for women.

60min – 180
90min – 270

Massage for Couples

Tantra Massage for Couples – massage with exotic oil extremely sensual and great experience! You can be totally relaxed with the lovely hands of a masseuse! This massage is a real way to make our souls feel much better, to open your mind, and your heart. Intensive stimulation of all erogenous part of a body, special techniques to stimulate erogenous zones, massage YONI for a woman and massage LINGAM for men. This is a delicious experience to discover your own desires and of your partner. Every day we learn one new thing and this Tantra Massage Session will lead you to the world of New Sensations! Extreme Oil Massage for Couples with Exotic Oil in Marbella! You will be pleased with our massages, we have the best recommendations about our masseuses.                           

60min – 250
90min – 330

*All prices included the taxi for a masseuse

*Our massages not included EXPLICIT PRACTICES
We appreciate your understanding!